I use rocks as a medium and means to explore earth and time. I am interested in what rocks contain and how, when deconstructed, they return to tiny particles of matter—the elemental component to the fabric of the universe and where all of life began.

Becoming Rock is an exploration of the relationship between body and earth through the repeated action of my body engaging with the land in various places, ranging from natural to industrial, rural to urban. The repetition of these actions, or becoming rock, has become a type of meditation within my artistic practice; a form of embodied research which allows me to be present with the Earth, over & over again. I am fully aware of the physical impossibility of merging with land, and see the exposure of each repeated attempt as an absurd-yet-genuine, and awkward-yet-honest gesture to engage with the land. I learn from each engagement and these videos are a documentation of my commitment to this ongoing and deeply personal process.